Redstone Telecom to Launch Inbound Telephony Solution

Redstone Telecom is set to launch its Intelligent Network solution. The new inbound services platform will be available to its customers in Q2 2009. The company says customers will benefit from more cost effective and high quality handling of inbound calls.

Redstone will offer customers added intelligence for their communications infrastructure with powerful features including statistical analysis and reporting, auto attendant and call routing, announcements, call queuing, call screening and geographic routing – all managed by the customer via a central on-line portal.

Tim Sherwood, managing director of Redstone Telecom commented, “We are continuously striving to offer our customers innovative services that will help to meet the demands to cut costs and drive new opportunities in the current economic climate. At this time it is more critical than ever that they maximise every opportunity from an existing or potential customer calling their business. Our new Intelligent Network platform puts the user in control and delivers the ideal solution to support businesses needing round the clock accessibility, sales and support organisations with distributed call centres and agents, and to entrepreneurs and media organisations offering revenue-generating information and entertainment services.”

“With services managed on the network rather than via an additional IVR or PBX-based hardware we can help customers vastly reduce the cost of ownership and management of a call routing solution, and make more effective use of Non Geographic Numbers including the new 03 number ranges,” continued Tim Sherwood.