Remote and flexible working applications in high demand to cut costs

Mitel surveyed its channel in January to gauge their views on the unified communications market and understand which applications are likely to be big sellers in 2009.

The survey response indicated that the biggest concern for channels’ customers is cost cutting, with over two thirds saying that enabling business efficiencies will be a huge sales opportunity in 2009.

Nearly half (42%) of Mitel channels are seeing the greatest demand for remote and teleworker applications as a result of businesses attempting to cut costs and work through the current economic environment.

“Our customers are increasingly asking for solutions that will enable remote working,” said Joel Bramwell, Sales Director at Worksmart Technology. “During the recent bad weather, only two of our employees were able to get into the office due to snow, but thanks to Mitel’s solutions, it was business as usual.”

“Teleworking applications have always been in demand,” said Clive Laycock, service delivery manager at Alternative Networks, “However we have recently seen an upsurge in sales as companies want to cut costs and drive efficiencies by offering home working. Companies also want to offer staff a flexible working approach as a way to retain and attract the best staff.”