Retell announces a new wallboard enhancement

UK call recording manufacturer Retell has announced a new wallboard enhancement to its entry-level Sense Client call recording system and Voice Firewall anti-hacking system. The wallboard will enable even the smallest business to see call activity at a glance a feature says Retell often only seen on larger systems.

Steve Cobley of Retell commented, ‘The wall-board enables busy managers to view continual live information and at a glance views of inbound, outbound, missed calls as well as active and waiting calls. Not only does this offer the end user a live view of their business but also gives resellers the opportunity to show the effectiveness of call management with the prospect of up-selling to Retell’s full call management package’.

Retell’s Voice Firewall is an anti hacking device available as an option on all Sense recording systems or as a standalone device. It works on all types of PBX without the need for a PBX system module or multiplexer due to the fact that it connects to the phone lines. The Firewall’s wall-board feature again enables users to view live call activity during working hours and also prevent unauthorised calls out of working hours or during busy periods when attention is elsewhere.