Retell Report Recording Sales Surge

Retell report sales of their new call recording system Sense as well beyond their expectations. Over 100 units have been sold since the official launch in August with one northern reseller installing five in a month.

Sense includes an easy to navigate call management interface called Call Analyser.

Steve Cobley, Head of Business Development at Retell says, “The two in one approach of seeing call activity then drilling down to listen to individual calls and the ability to match a customer’s budget requirements with the option of a full system or just a recording interface is proving very attractive.”

Sense records calls in stereo offering superb replay quality and Retell promises more value added features in the very near future including active features like announcements, before, during or after the calls.

Cobley concludes, “With Sense there’s no excuse to avoid protecting a business, cutting costs and improving customer service into the bargain.”