Rocom Launch “Introduction to Panasonic” Webinars

Newly acquired distributor Rocom has launched a series of webinars designed to provide an overview of Panasonic systems and their benefits to end-users. Each will run for 45 minutes and their format will comprise an introduction to Panasonic systems, with particular focus on the sub-50 extension system, followed by an introduction to Rocom as Panasonic’s only value added distributor.

The first of the webinars will take place on 8th April at 10am. And, because of its online format, it can be enjoyed by any reseller in the country from the comfort of his or her own office.

Paul Burn, System Reseller Manager at Rocom said “recent research has shown Panasonic to be the number one brand in the UK PBX system market for sub-50 extension installations.[1] And this figure is growing, with Panasonic up from a market share of 17.4% in 2007 to 25.27% in 2008 in the 11-30-extension market. This success has been based on an extremely competitive cost vs. feature balance, ideal for demanding SME customers.”

Neil Hutchinson, Panasonic Channel Manager at Rocom will be speaking at the events – he said, “As well as having an extremely competitive cost Vs feature balance, there are an abundance of reasons to invest in Panasonic systems from Rocom. We are the UK’s only value added distributor of this system and can offer our pioneering Total Distribution package to support resellers – this includes marketing support, branded delivery, leasing, helpdesk support, training and our new business partner programme.”