Rocom Panasonic Channel Forum Hailed A Success

UK resellers have declared the first meeting of the Rocom Panasonic Channel Forum as a success. The meeting, held at Highgate House in Northampton on May 28th, gave leading resellers the opportunity to interact directly with senior Panasonic representatives and discuss future strategies for development of the brand.
The Forum was set with a flexible agenda, with much of the meeting given over to reseller-lead discussion and debate. Topics covered included an overview of Panasonic’s brand strategy – including future advertising, upcoming incentives and promotions and the possibility of piloting these with Forum members along with developing new bundle packages for specific market sectors.

Paul Maxfield, MD of leading reseller Network Telecom was one of the members at the event. “Giving us a heads-up on Panasonics’ future channel strategy will let us position ourselves in advance to take best advantage of any offers or bundle packages they are launching,” said Paul. “It has also given us the chance to make suggestions directly to Panasonic – letting them know what our customers need and how we could maximise our turnover as a reseller. I’m excited to see what campaigns emerge as a result of this initial meeting which was an extremely useful exercise.”

Neil Hutchinson, Panasonic Channel Manager at Rocom was instrumental in putting the event together. “When we were planning this event we wanted to provide an open forum which would really benefit our top resellers. I’m delighted with the way this first event has gone and I’m confident that our resellers will start to see the benefits of working collaboratively on strategy, quickly giving the Panasonic brand an edge in the marketplace.”

The next meeting of the Channel Forum is scheduled for September.