SanDisk announces secure Flash memory tech for new music service

SanDisk, a global flash memory card provider, has announced a secure, card-based media solution with network-connected memory to support Cricket’s new unlimited Muve Music wireless service.

SanDisk’s technology will allow consumers on the Cricket 3G network to enjoy premium digital content on their mobile phones without the need for a computer to download music.

Muve Music includes unlimited talk, text and Web plus unlimited music downloads, ringtones and ringback tones. Muve Music content is downloaded digital rights management-free (DRM) over Cricket’s 3G network to the phone.

The content is stored and protected on the SanDisk flash memory card. By alleviating the need for any DRM scheme, handset performance and battery life can be improved, resulting in a high-quality mobile experience.

“With the help of SanDisk, we have created an innovative new way to protect digital content without the use of DRM,” said Jeff Toig, vice president and general manager, voice and data products, Cricket. “This solution enables a superior overall experience for Muve Music customers. They will have immediate and easy access to all the music they love while the music industry has the confidence it needs in a secure mobile music solution.”

Added Daniel Schreiber, senior vice president, software and solutions, SanDisk: “Cricket is a leading edge mobile network service provider that knows how to deliver value and innovation to its customers. The use of our advanced technology to secure the Muve Music service is one of those ways. We help Cricket deliver a great quality of service and a premium experience, and we are pleased to serve as a value added solutions provider to Cricket.”

The Cricket Muve Music service will be available in January 2011 and initially on the Samsung Suede mobile phone.