Satnav now priced to sell on petrol forecourts

Consumer electronics distributor, Widget UK, has announced that it is seeking discussions with major oil companies and independent distributors in the forecourt retail sector to place its range of satellite navigation devices in the reach of the public when they need it most.

Said Widget founder, Mark Needham: “When you are lost, a petrol station is the first place you are going to stop. When we first started selling TomTom navigation devices, there was only one version of the product, and it cost several hundred pounds. Now some TomTom models are in the price range suitable for forecourt retailers to range them or use them as loyalty scheme prizes.”

Darren Cottage, distribution manager for TomTom UK, stated: “Our products are famous for being easy to use, and have been shown to reduce the number of miles drivers travel looking for their destination, thus saving fuel, money and time. We welcome this initiative to make our products even easier to purchase.”