Sennheiser launches new adidas Originals headphones

adidas Originals and Sennheiser have teamed up again to introduce three brand new headphones. The new adidas versions (HD 220, HD 25-1-II and CX 310) have been given an original twist, designed in the adidas Originals’ iconic blue colour and featuring the Originals logo, while retaining the high quality dynamic speaker systems that Sennheiser known for.

The HD 220 headphones are perfect for everyday use, featuring powerful bass-driven, stereo sound; a closed headphone design to block outside noise and create the ultimate listening environment; and individually adjustable ear cups for a secure and comfortable fit.

The HD 25-1-II headphones offer you the same crystal clear highs and deep lows – along with a lightweight and comfortable design, that the original HD 25 model provided for professional DJs. Now you too can experience the quality experienced by the professionals.

The CX 310 headphones offer a dynamic sound with great clarity across both high and low ends while various-sized ear adapters allow for a personalised fit. All of these products come with a two-year warranty, ensuring a build quality that matches the quality of sound.

The new Sennheiser headphones in collaboration with adidas present the perfect blend of both brands and the values they stand for: quality, functionality and excellent sound.

This range of headphones is available to buy at a number of retailers from January 2011, including Dixon’s Retail, HMV and Best Buy and additionally via the Sennheiser online store. The suggested retail price for the HD 220 is £49.99, £229.99 for the HD 25-1-II, while the CX 310 will cost £42.99.