T-Mobile UK selects Sagem Orga as SIM card supplier

Mobile operator T-Mobile UK has named Sagem Orga, a smart card manufacturer, as a preferred supplier of SIM cards for the UK.

T-Mobile UK has recently qualified Sagem Orga as a SIM vendor for its UK business. “We are delighted to win this contract,” said Eric Dominici, senior vice president for telecommunications sales EMEA: “Particularly as T-Mobile has an especially intensive supplier certification process, designed to ensure a continuous high quality level of products and services for its customers.”

Commenting on the qualification, Richard Copeland, UK smart card centre of excellence manager at T-Mobile UK, said: “We have chosen Sagem Orga due to its reputation for producing a high quality product at a competitive price. We were also impressed by its commitment to research and development and innovation.”

Sagem Orga already supplies SIM cards to other major T-Mobile affiliates within the Group.