Team Telecom Group Embarks on Search or its own Apprentice

Telecommunications specialist Team Telecom Group has announced its quest to find a number of apprentices, as the company continues to expand its operations around the globe.

With interviews and assessment days scheduled throughout June, the successful candidates will take up the Team Telecom Group Apprenticeship commencing September, which will last for two years and will consist of in-house and nationally recognised training.

The apprenticeship will equip the successful candidates with radio communications and engineering skills from the company’s broad spectrum of operations, and will cover despatch, product development, customer service, finance, sales and operations, providing a solid base of core business activities.

Team Telecom Group is made up of Derby-based Team Simoco, Caldicot-based Indigo, Heathrow-based Air Radio and Australia-based TMC. The successful candidates will work solely for one of the Team Telecom Group companies to get the industry expertise and experience to take up a full-time position within the company after two years.

According to Mike Norfield, CEO of Team Telecom Group: “The Apprenticeship will give the successful candidates an invaluable combination of theory and hands-on practical experience from working with some of the UK’s top engineers.

“This is an exciting time to be joining Team Telecom Group. We’re expanding into new markets worldwide, from Latin America to South East Asia and China, and into industry sectors such as oil & gas and aviation. Our apprentices will get invaluable first-hand experience of the diverse areas we work in, equipping them for a fast-paced career in telecommunications.”

Candidates hoping to secure an apprenticeship should have enthusiasm and demonstrate a clear interest in telecommunications as well as having the right qualifications.