TeleWare in unified communications Magic Quadrant

TeleWare, provider of intelligent communication solutions to businesses and service providers, has announced it is in the Gartner Unified Communications (UC) Magic Quadrant.

The company is positioned as a niche player, which it believes is a clear reflection of its focus on mobile and distributed workforce solutions designed to provide productivity and agility to mobile, flexible and home workers.

TeleWare claims it is unique in its focus on mobile and distributed workforce personnel, providing solutions that place control of voice communications into the hands of the individual, while ensuring calls are always given the best possible chance of being answered by a person and not sent to voice mail.

Additionally, TeleWare is also differentiated from other vendors by the pure software approach to UC, providing software-only services to consolidate and provide UC capabilities over IP, TDM and hybrid systems.

According to Bern Elliot, VP distinguished analyst at Gartner: “UC represents a new generation of communication that is significantly changing how individuals and groups interact. But UC is also a general term that is not well understood, and it is sometimes misused by vendors that want to leverage its popularity.”

In his Feb 2009 report, What Is Unified Communications, and How Should You Approach It?, Elliott explained: “The most common misconception is that UC is synonymous with VoIP. Although voice is an important part of an overall UC solution, it is only one of six important areas that are being integrated in various configurations. Some vendors will state that purchasing an IP-PBX and moving to VoIP is the first step toward UC, but this is not accurate. Although moving to VoIP can be an important part of an overall UC plan, especially for consolidating telephony costs, enterprises can make significant advances in UC without purchasing an IP-PBX.”

Added Steve Haworth, CEO at TeleWare: “Businesses have invested large amounts of money and resources in new technologies over the last few years, and there are many good systems installed. However, the customer today remains frustrated and still dissatisfied that their calls are not answered by people in a timely manner and most new automated systems have made things worse.”

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