Tesco Telecom chooses Mi-Pay top up

Tesco Telecom, which recently launched its International Calling Card service, has selected mobile payments specialist Mi-Pay to supply a new top-up service to its operation, to meet the needs of its customers.

Utilising Mi-Pay’s multi-currency, multi-lingual, PCI secure payment platform, the new Tesco Telecom service will allow customers to manage and add credit to calling card balances, via an interactive voice response service; allowing customers to purchase airtime on an ad-hoc basis; and to set-up regular recurring payments at a frequency of their choice.

James McQuillan, Head of Calling Cards at Tesco Telecom, said: “Mi-Pay offers us fast and easy access to a proven, reliable, secure, flexible payments and direct top-up service which will not only help improve convenience for our international calling card customers, but also contribute to greater revenue by automating the top-up process, making it easier for customers to add credit to their calling experience. Mi-Pay were also able to accommodate the very short lead-time required; having the first phase ready and operational in just a few months.

Mi-Pay handles all transactional data between the customer portal, the bank clearing house and Tesco Telecom. In addition to payment, billing and registration, Mi-Pay offers full operational support, risk management; transaction security and regulatory compliances.

Norman Frankel, founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Mi-Pay, added: “Tesco Telecom always have a reputation of delivering easy to use, quality services for its customers. We are delighted that Tesco Telecom has chosen Mi-Pay to extend its Telecom services with new top-up solutions that are perfect for both new and existing, domestic and international customers. Together, Mi-Pay and Tesco Telecom will make life easier for customers – delivering the best payments services backed by easy to manage top-up.”