Top 10 mobile accessories for 2010

UK mobile phone price comparison website, rightmobilephone, has pulled together a list of the top ten mobile phone accessories, just in time for Christmas. Whilst many consumers value the technology of their handset, others are more concerned with accessorising their phone.

When most people buy a mobile phone, they look at the quality of the camera, the design and the technology that the handset has to offer, but rightmobilephone has revealed the top ten mobile phone accessories that can update even the most brick-like mobiles and add a bit extra to more up to date models.

The top ten mobile phone accessories are: Bluetooth Headset – Whilst they often make some people appear as though they are talking to themselves in the middle of supermarkets, they are a handy device to have for avid multi-taskers.

Memory Card – Some mobile phones have a large internal memory, but anyone who is keen on storing multiple photos and songs on their phones should invest in a memory card.

Headphones – In a previous study, it was found that playing music loudly on a phone so other people can hear was a top mobile turn off, so headphones are a must for public transport travellers and people with a passion for the latest chart music.

Speakers – Unlike headphones, speakers aren’t to be used on public transport or in most public spaces, but they are excellent for social gatherings and sharing music with those who want to listen without sharing a pair of headphones.

Windscreen Holder Mount – This accessory is particularly handy for people with handsets that have a Sat Nav application, as the phone can be mounted in the car just like a normal satellite navigation system. A great gift for people who regularly travel.

Pouch – Protecting a handset from scratches, damp and other potentially damaging things is important and pouches are incredibly useful for this. There are also some nice designs to be found.

Phone Charms – A good gift idea for female phone owners, phone charms can add a personal touch to a handset.

Emergency phone charger – A must-have for the chatterbox and textaholics, emergency phone chargers are handy to have at all times, especially on long days and in situations when a mains plug socket isn’t available.

Desk stands – Some may chose to simply place their mobile down at work, but desk stands act as charging pods and a way to make people look more executive.

Hands Free Kits – A vital piece of kit for anyone who often needs to talk, whilst driving or, similar to Bluetooth headsets, those who need to multitask on a regular basis.

Neil McHugh, co-founder of rightmobilephone, commented on the top ten mobile phone accessories: “Whilst the features of a mobile phone are important to most people, many like to personalise their handset with charms, skins and other fashion accessories. Many of the accessories in this list can help make the most of a mobile and enhance or develop its features even further and they are great gift ideas for Christmas.

He continued: “I think some are more necessary than others, such as memory cards and emergency phone chargers, whilst others are more a luxury for the tech-savvy.”