Toshiba Achieves Target Of 10% Share in Core Market

Analyst MZA’s latest report for the first quarter of 2009 shows that Toshiba have achieved their goal of achieving 10% market share for systems in their core 2-50 extension market. The latest quarterly reporting shows Toshiba having more than doubled system sales market share in the non-BT 2-50 sector market, rising from 4.42% in Q1 2008 to 10.06% in Q1 2009.

The research from MZA show Toshiba having jumped to third place in both the non-BT 2-10 and 11-30 sector markets for system sales, showing increases of 23.1% and 25.2% respectively. This is despite a 38.9% drop in the size of the non-BT 2-10 sector market, and a massive 52.1% drop in the non-BT 11-30 sector market which has seen a number of competitors dropping system sales by over 50%.

“During the current economic conditions, Toshiba has capitalised on cost conscious customers in the below 50 user segment,” says Duncan Clark, Analyst at MZA Ltd. “It has managed to maintain market share growth in a market area which has witnessed declining volumes and difficult conditions for many of the other vendors.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved this goal, especially in the current economic climate,” says Tim Webb, general manager at Toshiba’s Business Communications Division (BCD). “Strata CIX40 has been critical to our success over the past few quarters, being extremely competitively priced, and having the same extensive functionality as our larger Strata CIX systems. This, coupled with the investment protection and reliability that the systems deliver, means that Strata CIX is proving to be the perfect solution for resellers and customers alike.”