Vaioni Bundle Leased Line and Security

A new proposition from ISP Vaioni brings together a Corporate UTM security bundle by market leading FortiNet and an ultrafast Leased Line from as little as £495 monthly based on a 10mb Leased Line and from £680 monthly based on a 100mb Leased Lines.

FortiNet is one of the the fastest growing security firms in the world and the creator of UTM, which includes a powerful corporate firewall to ICSA standard, IPSEC & SSL VPN, Antivirus, Antispam, Antimalware, Web Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, IPS and IDS in a single ASIC driven appliance. You get all these features as standard from Vaioni and a 4hr guaranteed fix.

Sachin Vaish of Vaioni says: “We live in a security conscience world and we are seeing security as a top priority for all businesses. So we have bundled a security service with our leased lines. You get one of the most powerful UTM solutions the industry has to offer, with the fastest leased lines available for an unbelievable price. It’s a no brainer we think and businesses should really enjoy the service. We have seen FortiNet deployed for Pizza Hut, JCB, 10 Downing Street and some of the large commercial banks we work with everyday.”