VComm Launch Digium IP PBX

Newbury based distributor VComm has signed an agreement to distribute the open source PBX Switchvox.

VComm Managing Director Scoot Dobson says, “Switchvox is a Web-Aware IP-PBX platform which embraces Web 2.0 with open arms by providing features based on URL lookups within the Switchboard itself. Imagine every time a person calls you, you get a Google map reference of their location, a CRM listing of all calls made or taken from that person with details of what was discussed and when.

Imagine a phone system which transforms the way you do business and costs less than any major phone system brand. Imagine Switchvox.

VCOMM will be launching the platform at the Convergence Summit North in Manchester on the 17th & 18th of March. If you’d like to see a live demonstration or discuss channel accreditation, it would be great to see you there.