Viatel To Take Part In BT Wholesale Fibre To The Cabinet Trial

Viatel has confirmed that it will be taking part in BT Wholesale’s 40Mbps Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) trial in Muswell Hill, London and Whitchurch in South Glamorgan. The trials will take place after the local exchanges have been upgraded with fibre-optic broadband.

The trials will see fibre-optic cables running to existing street cabinets that connect homes and businesses to telephone exchanges, with the goal being to provide a reliable connection of up-to-40 Mbps downstream and at least 2Mbps upstream. The testing period will last approximately six months, with the service predicted to be rolled out commercially next year.

Steve Powell, product manager, connectivity and security services, at Viatel said. “We are obviously excited about being one of the few companies chosen for this trial. This could have huge ramifications for businesses, as connection speeds can be one of the major frustrations for companies needing to send and receive information quickly and reliably.”

“A successful trial will also be good news for employees. A much improved and guaranteed broadband speed will ensure that flexible working becomes a realistic proposition. With an increasing amount of regulations, businesses need to ensure that employees are able to work as productively at home as in an office environment. One of the major problems that prevents this is a poor broadband service that restricts a great deal of what can be achieved away from the office – a successful roll out of this service across the country will eliminate this.” Powell concluded.