Vodafone Qatar and Alcatel-Lucent blend base stations into cities

Vodafone Qatar and Alcatel-Lucent have announced at the deployment of 17 radio base stations designed to blend into the urban environment. They performed the first live demonstration of the LTE technology in Qatar.

Camouflage sites are located in Qatar’s main cities and help reduce visual pollution by better integrating radio base stations into the city’s skyline. These new base stations mimic the cities’ towering and graceful minarets, making them virtually undetectable and enhancing the overall look of the cities and protecting the views of their gardens, places of worship and tourist sites while improving cell phone coverage in these densely populated areas.

This initiative is in line with the urban planning and development of the country and is fully supported by the telecom regulator and the government of Qatar. Further camouflage sites are planned in sensitive areas such as The Pearl Qatar, parks and mosques.

“Since the entry of Vodafone in Qatar, we’ve worked hard with Alcatel-Lucent and the local authorities to bring innovation to this country’s telecommunications capabilities,” said Jenny Howe, Vodafone Qatar CTO. “Camouflage solutions are enabling us to get access to sensitive areas and allow Vodafone to better serve its customers, ultimately making a world of difference for all people in Qatar.”

Alcatel-Lucent is providing Vodafone Qatar with a full end to end turnkey solution including monopole tower, the camouflage solution, 2G and 3G equipment, microwave equipment, civil works and a set of comprehensive services, including design, dimensioning, site engineering, integration, installation and commissioning, and network operation.