Voispeed Looks to Invest Heavily in The UK Market

Following 12 months of establishing relationships with resellers, setting up headquarters in St Albans and making inroads into the SME market, VOIspeed an Italian provider of IP PBX technology, say they now feel confident to take on the UK market and furthermore, invest heavily in it.

Founded in 2006 by Harpax Srl, one of the biggest Italian VoIP providers, VOIspeed was set up with the objective of strengthening the company’s presence outside Italy. This innovative phone system is now used by over 5000 businesses worldwide, and the aim is to significantly add to that in the UK. The St Albans office will service the company’s existing UK client base and build new business in the burgeoning UK VoIP reseller market.

“Harpax were ready for expansion and the UK was the ideal market in terms of the maturity of the industry and understanding of the technology. We are now looking to make a substantial investment in to it with a focus on marketing and advertising as well expanding our reseller network with a sales drive into the SME market.” Commented Giuseppe Venturini, VOIspeed Managing Director.

The company’s core activities focus on the development, manufacturing and distribution of IP telephony software and hardware. The products based on the proprietary technology include the all-inclusive Pronto IP phone system, the software development tool for IP telephony applications as well as USB phones, IP phones and SIP adapters.

“We are very excited about properly entering the UK market and feel that it is a natural progression for our product and our business plan. We have had a very interesting and rewarding 12 months, even better than forecast. All the products and software are in place and now we are eager to recruit more channel partners from both the IT and telco sector.”

Today VOIspeed has a significant presence in Europe through a substantial network of distributors and resellers. Its commercial successes have fuelled growth enabling investments in further innovation and improvement of the product portfolio.

“The industry as well as the need of SMEs is different in UK to what it is in Italy. We have been listening to our customers since first developing the technology over 5 years ago. VOIspeed today is an extremely reliable and flexible phone system. As a result more and more companies are adopting VOIspeed, the most competitive technology in terms of price, stability and ease of use.” Added Giuseppe Venturini.