Women Wanted!

NBCN, the National Business Communications Network, is laying down a challenge to great female sales people: Come and give our men a run for their money!

Sisters are currently not doing it for themselves at the company where despite a high-profile campaign to recruit top quality sales people all over the UK, all bar one applicant has been male, and the only female to apply failed to turn up to the initial meeting (although happily she did call to give her apologies).

‘It’s a bit of a statistical oddity’, says Sarah Kirkwood who looks after the sales team on a daily basis, ‘but it does now mean that we’re imbalanced and, more importantly, missing out on a wealth of talent that is perhaps not fulfilling its potential elsewhere. We are also aware that many of our customers’ decision makers are women and they like dealing with other women.’

The position is ideally suited to sales professionals who would enjoy the flexibility of working from home – wherever they are in the UK – perhaps to balance with their family life. The company currently has a sales team of fifteen partners and is looking to take that number nearer to thirty between now and the end of 2008. NBCN offers full support services to each sales person including marketing and technical support.