Yahoo! tops mobile web download times again

Yahoo! sustained the shortest download time of mobile web pages for the third straight month in May. It was also the only site to download in under four seconds, according to the Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index, UK May 2009.

Google and Facebook followed closely with download times between four and five seconds. However, all other sites monitored by Keynote Systems took more than five seconds to download.

The BBC mobile web page managed to displace Google’s in availability this month. It had the most reliable site with 98.45% availability, followed by Time and Yahoo!, said Keynote Systems. Google slipped from first to seventh this month and Facebook continued to have reliability issues, with a low availability of 97.59%.

Eurosports maintained the highest download speed with Time and eBay rounding off the top three, added the company.

Said Nisheeth Mohan, product manager for mobile at Keynote Systems: “Mobile web site availability is one area where we need to see improvement. Users are used to seeing five nines of availability on the PC and a failure to achieve even two nines on mobile performance is a shame.”