Zyxel Launches Hybrid Access Point

Zyxel Communications has launched the first Wireless Access Point solution that offers Wireless Controller functionality, providing SMBs and VARs with a cost effective alternative to expensive traditional Wireless controller systems.

The built-in Wireless Controller functionality means the new NWA-3160 Dual-band Hybrid Access Point can provide centralised management and configuration of up to 8 compatible wireless access points as well as functioning as a stand-alone access point or be managed by another NWA-3160 configured in controller mode. This three-in-one capability delivers a truly scalable solution that grows from a stand-alone access point to a centrally managed system capable of supporting up to 200 users and providing businesses with the benefits of a traditional Wireless Controller at a much lower total cost of ownership.

“Existing centrally-managed wireless controller systems are often too expensive for smaller businesses. By providing wireless controller functionality at a much lower TCO, Zyxel’s Hybrid access point makes wireless deployments more attractive for all types of businesses,” says James Harris, Head of Product Management, Zyxel UK.