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19th September 2016

Winning in Energy

The telecoms and IT Channel has been flirting with the energy market for a while now but much of the industry is still not convinced of the viability


Spark Takes Aim At Telecoms Partners With Home Telecom Purchase

Spark Energy has acquired Home Telecom, the Sussex-based broadband company, in a deal described as “a perfect fit”. Spark’s acquisition of Home Tel

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Tides are changing!

Much has been made of the opportunity in the utilities market for partners to grab extra revenues, and profits, from their customer’s. From April 2017

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Arrow Enters Energy Market with Pulse

Arrow has purchased Pulse Business Energy Limited, the fast-growing UK energy broker. Pulse is ideally placed to assist Arrow in its diversification i

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Danny Woods

Woods Teams Up With Norton In New Utilities Offering

Channel Utilities is now offering partners the chance to gain more revenues from their customers. As the brain child of Clifford Norton and Danny Wood