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June 2018:

Communications Management
Does anyone still buy standalone call management systems and if they do, why is that?
With sales of new, fresh out the box, PBX systems falling faster than leaves on a windy autumn day in Hyde Park the days of dedicated call management solutions must be getting numbered surely?
We ask the following questions:
 What is the state of play in the call management market today?
 There seems to be a trend of integrating call management products with other applications – call recording and call/contact centre for example. Is this the case and typically what additional opportunities do vendors provide the channel?
 How best can resellers demonstrate the value of call management applications to their customers?
 Case Studies welcome

Disrupting Technologies and Applications

It has been well documented that applications and companies such as Airbnb and Uber have disrupted traditional markets and the explosive market in digital transformations at the enterprise level are testament to the recognition of potential disruption in every sector.
Looking specifically at the IT and communications markets what are the likely current and future candidates for being a disruptive force within the sector and why?
We look at what analysts and technology market observers consider could displace an established technology and shake up the industry or could be a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.

Vertical Horizon: Channel in… Education

In this feature we will look at the education market and how the Channel is selling into this sector. We will be looking from comment from providers that supply products across the Comms, IT and mobile space.
To include:
 Where is the disruption coming from? Digital Disruption is all around… how is it impacting this particular vertical and how can the Channel react?
 Which products and services are selling well?
 Are there new products on the horizon?
 How is the purchasing behaviour of this vertical changing?
 What are the major considerations for partners wanting to enter and succeed in this vertical?
 Can you be a generalist or is it essential to specialise in this vertical…why?Editorial deadline: 4th April

Advertising deadline: 18th May (Contact sales@commsbusiness.co.uk)
Editorial deadline: 1st May (contact David@commsbusiness.co.uk / 01322 466 018)


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May Vertical Horizon: Channel in… Healthcare SIP Trunks & Phones Build to Sell: The Facts! M2M/IOT
June   Communications Management Disrupting Technologies & Applications Vertical Horizon: Channel in… Education
July Hosted & Cloud based Telephony Digital Payments: navigating crypto-currency Making Big Data Work for SMEs
August  Vertical Horizon: Channel in… Finance and Banking WebRTC: A Disruptive Force? DevOps – what you NEED to know  Security
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October  Channel IoT Billing Services for Business Connectivity – Getting Access Right (incl. 4G/5G)
November Call and Contact Centres Vertical Horizon: Manufacturing/ construction Cyber Security for the SMB
December Preview of 2019 Provisioning Portals – AI and Bot Takeover? Dealing with SaaS Disruptors