Mark Whitehead, Head of Channel Sales, GCI Channel Solutions

62nd Interview

Comms Business Magazine talks to Mark Whitehead, Head of Channel Sales, GCI Channel Solutions, the supplier of network services and applications to th


Mopping up the Damage

After all those floods this winter many firms have lost everything but that need not include company data as Phil Bridge, Managing Director at Kroll O

Toby Owen, Head of Technical Strategy at Rackspace

Expanding Horizons

Today many observers just see voice as another application on an IP network but this article looks at non-voice based applications with an emphasis on

andrew dickinson with hair old pic

Happy 30th Birthday to the Channel

The channel of today is unrecognisable from the first steps made by the independent entrepreneurs of yesteryear. Liberalisation of the UK communicatio


Change is the only Constant

In this special report Maren Bennette, a long-time contributor to Comms Business Magazine, provides an up to date review of the role that consultants

adrian hipkiss

Hybrid: More than Virtualisation

Adrian Hipkiss, Managing Director & Vice President for EMEA at ShoreTel, talks to Comms Business Magazine about the broader plans for application deve


The Benefits of Co-Location

It’s only natural that business owners find the thought of moving mission critical data and resources to an off-site data centre facility pretty daunt


Winning advice for selling Unified Communications to SMEs: Think carefully about selling on-premise or hosted

By Lucy Green The number of SME s in the UK has steadily increased during the last decade to over 4.5 million companies employing approximately 14

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Hazards of setting up Wi-Fi in the workplace

While Free Wi-Fi may be the buzzword, it’s semi-free Wi-Fi that companies really want to provide for their employees. Here Lyle Frink Safetica at Tech


Simplifying Lync for the Channel

Comms Business Magazine talks to Scott Riley, Director of Cloud and Hosting Solutions for GCI Channel Solutions, about Microsoft Lync and how his comp


Basic Marketing for Everyone

In the second of a series of articles on how to market your business Derek Owen, of Totem Marketing, looks at building a winning marketing plan. How

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UC: how changing the engagement game brings competitive advantage

The true competitive advantage of UC lies in a holistic approach across the enterprise which encompasses employees, customers and ‘back-office’ proces


Questions and Answers

Comms Business Magazine examines some key questions the channel has about Microsoft Lync and gets some answers from the people in the know. Let’s not

unified communications UC

UC for the SME

Comms Business examines the SME market for unified communication to find out; do smaller firms understand what it is? Are the applications scalable an

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What are we Going to do Without the Water Cooler Gossip…?

By Jason Roos, CEO of Cirrus Having customers all over the country, I often find myself either on a train, waiting for a train or in a hotel lobby


Changing the Game?

Comms Business Magazine attended the official launch of the 8x8 services portfolio in London last month to find out what the firm was planning to do f

John Bird of Micro-P

Two Sides to the Story

Comms Business takes a look at the PBX market and concludes that there is still life in the old dog yet. However, as we report, firms do not want to b


View from the Top

Comms Business Magazine Editor Ian Hunter met up with David Petts, ShoreTel’s SVP for Worldwide Sales, on his trip to Europe last month during which h

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Wireless Networks in 2014?

Here Morgan Kurk, senior vice president, Wireless at CommScope spoke to Comms Business about the changing wireless landscape and what we can expect to

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Who can we trust?

Do you know who is looking over your shoulder? When you are browsing the web, making a phone call how do you know you aren’t being watched? Rafael Lag