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Lowering Barriers

Comms Business Magazine talks to Dave Gwilt and Alex Nancekievill, Co-founders of BlinkPipe, about what is driving their market and how they are setti


Differentiating ISPs

Internet Service Providers increasingly face the challenge of differentiating themselves – it’s never just about the price. Providing access solutions


Global Village

Comms Business Magazine takes a look at how more sophisticated, larger and geographically diverse data networks can be put together by suppliers const


Building Reseller Value

On the first anniversary of the company’s entrance in to the Channel Comms Business Magazine talks to John Whitty, Managing Director of GCI, about the


Can we change from fixed to variable service supply chain costs and still deliver a service?

The fixed verses variable cost structure has long been debated in the industry – and continues to remain a hot topic.  With the evolution of technolog

Roger Keenan City Lifeline

How green is a green data centre?

The public has become increasingly aware of data centres over the last few years. In parallel, there has also been a steep increase in public awarenes


Securing Your Virtual Environment

So you have you a shiny new virtual environment up and running. You may have virtualised all your servers, so that your business-critical databases, C


5 office tips to aid creativity and boost productivity

It’s easy to imagine what factors might hinder productivity and creativity in the workplace, such as: a small office, lack of light, isolation from co


Three in a bed

If recently published industry figures are accurate, PBX sales in the UK are on the slide, where as Unified Communications has been identified as an a


Looking Ahead

It has been well documented in the past that the telephony is migrating towards the cloud. It may not be happening as quickly as some may say but it i

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Paul Taylor

Halloween Bill Shocker

Phone hacking is a subject that rarely makes the press, as those hacked are mostly reluctant to go on record. However, a recent High Court case involv

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Out Servicing The Market

Over the last three or four years Virgin Media Business has become a key player in the network services channel market so when we heard that their Hea

Big Data

Big Data Can Help Businesses Make Smart Decisions

We all recognise that the amount of data being created is growing at a prenominal rate but the concept of ‘Big Data’ is throwing up as many opportunit

Online Exclusive
Terry Obrian

Summit Portfolio Showcase

Ahead of the Convergence Summit at Esher this October we are talking to a number of exhibitors about their plans for the show. Here we ask Terry O’Bri

Green Pea

Peas in a Pod!

There’s a new initiative taking place on the south coast at the Borough of Poole that heralds a significant opportunity for local business’s to go gre

Big data

Big Data

As part of our look at Big Data this month we report on what International management consulting firm Arthur D. Little says about the vast amounts of


UC on the Move

Unified Communications is exploding in popularity right now and as workers embrace the mobility trend mobile is quite often at the core of the UC conv


Start with Safe File Sharing Practices to Protect Your Enterprise

Security is no longer an afterthought for enterprises. The spate of high-profile data breaches are a constant reminder to executives and shareholders

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Resellers can be “Only Me” not “Me Too”

Comms Business Magazine meets up with Steve Tutt at VanillaIP to see how a Broadsoft based supplier of hosted telephony and other services is differen


Death of the Comms Room?

Today’s businesses are quickly having to adapt to a world that’s always ‘on’ - constantly collecting, analysing and outputting enormous amounts of inf