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Adam Clyne - Coolr

Coolr Collaboration

Coolr is a Digital Transformation (DX) business. They look at DX inside and out by reimagining how people collaborate and communicate in businesses. A

London Stock Exchange (LSE). A Worldpay IPO would be one of the biggest in the City this year. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Tech Investment – The UK Landscape

The pessimists were wrong about Brexit, it hasn’t damaged the economy – yet. Growth may be slowing a bit now, but it might well have slowed anyway. In


The Smart Office

The office is becoming a smarter environment for a number of reasons. Making your office building efficient from an operational point of view not only


WebRTC – A Disruptive Force?

WebRTC promises much – and a lot of it is free. Until now the lack of universal browser compatibility had held up wider uptake but 2017 will now see t


Sparking up a Conversation

Collaboration apps are gaining some traction in the market right now as constituent elements in the technology that supports many enterprise digital t

Rob Murdoch

Digital Analytics

Rob Murdoch is no stranger to the Channel, after co-building a hosted telephony business and then exiting via a Broadsoft acquisition in 2013 you coul


Challenges Ahead for Openreach

In March this year industry regulator Ofcom announced BT had agreed to a form of separation of Openreach from BT but what does the Channel think of th

Jay McBain 2016 Square

The Rise of Shadow Channels – Part 2

Last month in part 1, Jay McBain looked at the factors behind the rapid shift to public cloud and SaaS based technologies by business leaders. With li

customer knowledge

Transforming the Customer Journey

Comms Business Magazine talks Digital Transformation with Avaya’s Strategic Accounts SE, Paul Wakefield and discovers that a strategic and structured


Social Media Dilemma?

The importance of the role that social media is playing in marketing, product awareness and sales has been rising up the agenda for several years but,

Brian Lodge

No Complaints

Comms Business Magazine talks to Brian Lodge, Managing Director and one of the three founders of Exeter based reseller South West Communications Group


Call Services

The Call Services market remains integral to the Channel in 2017 as key players start to gain traction with their cloud services. The complexities in

Company profile - picture 2


Launched in the Netherlands in 2008, Xelion works with channel partners across multiple countries who are looking to have more control and ownership…


Dunelm Opt for Triple Resiliency

In this case study Dunelm was looking for robust resiliency for their connectivity in the event of an outage or failure of service to enable them to c


The Internet of Things

The IoT market has attracted a lot of attention in the last couple of years which has sent the analyst community into overdrive. Huge forecasts for d

Internet of things IOT.

IoT – Not Just for Christmas

Mike van Bunnens spoke to Comms Business recently about the latest developments they are seeing in the Channel and offer a cautionary tale for anyone


Adapting to Change

The Channel has been in a constant state of flux since its inception. As a market we are constantly debating the impact of new technologies such as c

tech uc global

UC and Mobility

Unified Communications is currently in its ‘heyday’ as all segments of the market realise the enormous productivity benefits from having a properly i


Here and Now

Jon-Paul Clarke, Business Development Director, Wireless Logic, spoke to David Dungay recently about how he is enabling channel partners to make the m

Darren Salisbury Director at Inform Billing (002)_

Billing IoT

M2M and IoT billing has complexity over traditional voice and data billing due to the volume of connections and the ability to have staggered charge s