20:20 Mobile marketing team achieve ISO 9001 accreditation

The marketing team at 20:20 Mobile, distributor of mobile phones, has become one of the UK’s first inhouse marketing and communications departments to achieve the prestigious ISO 9001 quality accreditation for their work. The accreditation follows a thorough review of the way the team delivers creative marketing input throughout the business and maintains high quality standards from inception of concept to delivery.

Following the accreditation process Kieran Bermingham, British Standards Institute auditor commented: “20:20 Mobile is very focused on ensuring that they remain environmentally friendly which was demonstrated throughout the audit. The marketing department was seen to be passionate about their work and very competent in creating customers products and services.”

James Browning, UK managing director of 20:20 Mobile, said: “The marketing team plays an integral role within the delivery of services to our customers and adds a great deal of value to what we can offer. In many cases the work they do on point of sale and other support materials has, in fact, sealed the deal so to speak.”

As part of their role the marketing team will now be offering creative marketing services directly to business partners and customers. They have already completed projects with partners including Halfords, O2 and Nokia.

Mazuma Mobile achieves £40 million payout milestone

Mazuma Mobile, the mobile phone recycling company, has now paid out over £40 million in cash to its customers for old phones, since the company launched in 2006. The landmark figure has been reached before the anticipated surge in the New Year when people recycle their old phones after receiving a new one for Christmas.

“We are thrilled to have reached this milestone in our business in what has been a tough year in the wider economy. What has come out of it is a growing awareness that there is genuine value in mobile phones that use to just sit at the back of a drawer. In the run up to Christmas we have seen an influx of phones coming in from people hoping to make some extra spending money, with the average old handset worth £35. Then in the New Year we expect to receive close to a staggering 200,000 phones from people who get an upgraded mobile phone for Christmas,” said Charlo Carabott, managing director.

In September, Mazuma ranked number one for its service quality beating eight of its competitors. The exercise, conducted by Service Science, aimed to measure the service quality within the UK’s online mobile phone recycling industry. All nine companies were measured against their customer service standards, speed of transaction and price offered for the handset.

“Mazuma’s success has emerged from the constant assurance we give our customers that not only do they get the best value for trade in price for their old phone and the best service, but their handsets are safely redistributed for reuse,” said Carabott.