Android to top 2010

Google’s Android operating system is set to increase it mark on the mobile world in 2010, claimed Paul Clark, director and general manager for the UK and Ireland at Plantronics.

Clark commented: “The continued convergence of phone and computer, and the rise of netbooks, have driven an increase in multi-play offerings from networks and resellers, as well as laptops bundled with mobile broadband. Google’s Chrome and Android operating systems could drive a further increase in this kind of offer over the next year or so.

“Over the next year or so, I think we’ll see competition and choice increase, as the number of devices carrying Android increases and Orange and Vodafone launch the iPhone,” continued Clark.

He added: “Factors outside of the mobile market could hold a bigger influence if Google Wave [an online tool for real time communication and collaboration] takes off for example, as this could be a big boost for Android. Cloud computing may also play a bigger part in the way people use their phones.”

Interest in content and services is having a good effect on sales of accessories, noted Clark, as consumers look to make their mobile devices their main communications point.

“Without a doubt, the trend towards content and services has continued with the main carriers, and we are noticing that accessories are becoming a ‘nice to have’ once more for most operators. This has pushed prices down even more and forced manufacturers to discount inventory in the channel,” he said.