Carphone Warehouse cuts Nexus S price

Google’s Nexus S device running Gingerbread, the latest version of the Android operating system, should have been available in the UK today. However, the device is still on pre order on the Carphone Warehouse website, for delivery by the end of December.

Carphone Warehouse has already announced a significant price drop in the cost of the Google Nexus S. The price for the device SIM-free now stands at £430, from the previous cost of £549, a drop of 20%.

It is rumoured the price drop is due the price being too high compared to other top end devices, such as the iPhone.

Operators Vodafone and O2, who are offering the device via Carphone Warehouse, have also now dropped the cost of a pay-monthly contract with the handset for free, from £35 per month to a more user-friendly £30 per month. The O2 contract is a mere 18 months