Daisy Distribution moves further ‘inTouch’ with partners

Daisy Distribution, the mobile distribution arm of Daisy Group Plc, has re-affirmed its commitment to creating a first class partner experience by re-launching its online job management system.

The leading mobile airtime distributor released the new and improved inTouch r3 following a review of the previous inTouch system and after gaining feedback from partners into the functionality they would like from the new system.

inTouch r3 is Daisy Distribution’s online processing system, giving partners the ability to submit jobs 24 hours a day and view the status of all jobs, while being able to access existing and archived jobs for updates and auditing.

The new system also allows partners to store and access customer details, receive automated status updates and store associated contract paperwork, including customer proofs.

The solution is also able to generate updates on customers that become eligible, making the base management information directly available to partners.

Julien Parven, Head of Marketing at Daisy Distribution, explained: “We’re delighted to be launching the new and improved inTouch system, which allows partners to benefit from an ‘always-on’ facility, leading to reduced processing times and quicker payments.

“Ultimately, the new system will put the power straight into the hands of the partners and will allow them to be in control of their jobs every step of the way.

“Partners will also benefit greatly from the system by being able to gain a deeper insight into their bases.”

inTouch r3 is tightly integrated with Daisy Distribution’s back office systems, providing real time intuitive information on available tariff, services and associated product combinations, as well as detailed information on job statuses.

On the new system, partners can now create jobs and have the ability to park them mid-process to work on them over a period of time, before submitting them.

If a customer already exists in the database, partners can also simply select the customer when creating new jobs without the need to re-submit all of their details.

Parven added: “This allows the partner to have absolute control over their workflow, improving the efficiency and quality of the business that we’re presenting to the network.

“From a Partner Principal perspective, this also means that they can start to manage their pipeline of business that is being presented to Daisy Distribution.”