Dealers Urged to ‘Watch-Out’ by Nimans

Distributor Nimans is urging dealers to ‘watch-out’ for an ingenious new messaging device from NEC which is worn around the wrist. The watch-like M155 innovation is being hailed as the ultimate portable messaging tool for use particularly in healthcare and hospitality environments.

The compact device comes complete with a DECT speakerphone, three line display and security alarm, according to Phil Adams, Systems Sales Director at Nimans.

“It’s like a James Bond style gadget which takes wireless communications to a new level. As well as being worn like a watch it can also be attached via a necklace strap. It integrates seamlessly with PBX and messaging applications,” said Phil, who along with Nimans’ NEC Business Manager, Steve Owens, ‘met’ a life size dummy version of the M155 at the Convergence Summit North trade show.