Distributor holds the key to business continuity


Partners of the integrated Anglia Telecom Centres and Fone Logistics businesses will be offered the opportunity to add to their portfolio with the announcement of the distributor’s partnership with Bayalink for its Liberty key solution.

The Liberty Key enables users to increase their mobile productivity by creating a link between their BlackBerry device and any portable or desktop PC. This enables all of the content of the mobile device to be securely viewed, manipulated and transferred without any data being stored or accessible from the PC.

The Liberty Key is a USB device that associates with the user’s BlackBerry device and allows a Bluetooth connection to be made that enables BlackBerry email and attachments, calendar, contacts and external web connections to be mirrored using the full size keyboard and screen.

Head of Marketing Julien Parven said: “This product launch is part of our overall intent to offer a portfolio of products and solutions to partners to allow them to own and develop their customer relationships. The Liberty Key offers all of the functionality of a desk-based interface within a mobile communications solution.

The Liberty Key represents a natural additional sale or a deal closer to partners engaging with business customers seeking to maximise their BlackBerry experience. It offers a real development in the user experience and provides a simple, natural link between their mobile and desktop environments.”

Comparative industry research shows that BlackBerry users and large screen and keyboard users in equal measure achieve productivity increases of over 20%. The Liberty Key marries both and improves the customer experience, providing the security of knowing their mobile BlackBerry device can be transformed into a fully operational desktop solution without the need to carry multiple and cumbersome devices.