Getting your customer base into shape

Chess Telecom are reporting that increasing numbers of resellers are looking at maximizing the value of their customer base and increasing its value, as they look at a possible exit in the future. “Many resellers who are not specifically looking to sell their customer base at the moment are still benefiting from the regular assistance that we give them in terms of increasing the value of their customer base” commented Barney Phillips, Wholesale Channel Director at Chess.

“This in turn increases the value of their company and ensures that they can sell for a higher multiple should they choose to in the future”. Chess are experts in this field having successfully completed over 50 acquisitions over the past few years and are in a unique position to advise resellers on how to maximize the value of their base. In addition to this, Chess also assist by providing marketing collateral, campaigns and advise resellers on how to up-sell and cross-sell into their existing customer base.