GN Netcom launches headsets with touchscreen

GN Netcom, provider of innovative headset solutions, has announced two new product offerings in unified communications (UC) solutions. The Jabra GO 6400 and PRO 9400 Series are respectively the first Bluetooth and DECT headset solutions, to feature a touchscreen base, making call management intuitive and user friendly.

Scheduled to launch in September, both Series combine the sound, range and quality performance of a professional office headset.

The Jabra GO 6400 and the Jabra PRO 9400 Series both share the flexibility of mobile headsets and offer the ease of using a single device with multiple phones.

The Jabra GO 6400 is ideal for mobile-centric employees who are often out of the office and Bluetooth connectivity ensures they are always in touch. The Jabra PRO 9400 makes use of DECT technology and was developed with the office-centric employee in mind. It is ideal for people who spend most of their day in the office but use a number of different phones.

In line with GN Netcom’s commitment to UC, both the Jabra GO 6400 and Jabra PRO 9400 Series are compatible for use with leading UC applications, such as Microsoft OC.

Said Karsten H. Pedersen, managing director at GN Netcom UK and Ireland: “The need for mobility is increasing both in and out of the office. The Jabra GO 6400 and Jabra PRO 9400 Series allow mobile-centric and office-centric workers to benefit from increased productivity by using a single headset for desk, soft and mobile phones which can be easily managed via the touch screen base. The Jabra GO 6400 and Jabra PRO 9400 Series are testimony to GN Netcom’s dedication to providing industry leading products to maximise customer efficiency and comfort.”