Hunger amongst Europeans for greater mobile phone memory

Nearly half of European mobile phone users need more memory to keep up with their growing appetite for more photos, more music, more videos and more texts, according to a new survey.

The survey revealed that for 61% of UK, 60% of French, and 50% of German respondents, photo-taking was the primary reason for running out of mobile phone memory. With more mobile phones featuring high-megapixel cameras and the ability to capture high-definition (HD) video on the market, demands on digital storage capacity are expected to increase.

The survey, commissioned by Lexar Media, a global provider of memory products for digital media, queried more than 3,000 mobile device users aged 16-70 across the UK, Germany, and France.

It revealed that approximately a third of German (34%) and British (31%) respondents, and a quarter (25%) of French respondents now more commonly use their camera phones than their digital cameras for picture taking. This tendency is even greater for teenagers (UK 56%, France 44%, and Germany 60%). The survey also revealed that most people (UK 79%, France 74%, and Germany 56%) do not know how much memory is in their phone and the majority (UK, 74%, France, 71%, and Germany 64%) have never purchased more memory for their mobile device.

The survey also queried the needs of netbook users and discovered similar frustrations related to performance. The most frequently cited complaint of netbook users in France was that their machine was sluggish when opening or viewing images; while the main concern of German and British netbook users was the inability to run multiple applications at the same time, without slowing down their system.

“This survey tells us that while there are ever more feature-rich mobile devices out there, they are not being optimised with additional memory and therefore failing to meet the end user’s high expectations,” said Saul Matthews, EMEA marketing director, Lexar Media. “The Lexar mobile lifestyle line of products was developed to address this expectation gap, by offering solutions that boost a netbook’s performance and aid multitasking, increase a mobile phone’s picture- and video-taking capacity, or make the uploading of images to a PC or website simpler and faster.”

The survey results coincide with the European launch of Lexar Media’s mobile lifestyle solutions. Designed to address the storage and performance issues faced by mobile phone users and netbook users respectively, the new range of memory products help consumers capture, store, and manage their mobile multimedia with ease and confidence.