Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index Europe February 2009

Google continued its dominance month on month with its mobile site having the shortest download time of 3.79 seconds in February, according to the latest figures from Keynote Systems in its Mobile Performance Index Europe.

Facebook and Yahoo continued to closely follow Google with download times of 4.32 seconds and 4.80 seconds respectively. However, key competitor MSN continued to have long download times.

Google yet again secured top spot in the availability category as well, with a 99.0% success rate, followed closely by BBC and eBay. MSN performed better in terms of availability coming fourth, with a 98.64% success rate.

Top sports site Eurosports had a rough month; the site had the longest download time of 12.04 seconds and was the only site to take longer than 10 seconds to download. It also had the lowest availability with only 95.24% success rate.

Download speeds saw a huge variation this month from almost 3000 bytes/second down to 1435 bytes/seconds. Time and MSN were the top two sites with the most bytes per second successfully downloaded.

Nisheeth Mohan, mobile product manager at Keynote Systems, stated: “Google continues to be the mobile site to beat, consistently doing well in terms of both key areas of performance, speed and success rate. It will be interesting to see whether any other players in this area are able to break this supremacy, especially as the mobile web becomes increasingly important to their business.”