Orange innovation TV launches ‘do you chindogu?’ challenge

Orange-innovation TV is today launching a series of exclusive chindogus, presented in video clips that can be downloaded from With the support of Bac Film Créative and the teams from Paul Nicolas Loesch, its founding director, discover the first two episodes from the series with the ‘Mouss, Mouss, Tomoko garde la ligne’ and ‘Pablo les longs tuyaux’ videos.

Chindogu is the Japanese art of inventing useful but unusable objects, that are both unusual and innovative. Created in the 1980s by the Japanese engineer Kenji Kawahami, Chindogu has built up a large popular following ever since then that has been carried by online communities across the world.

These first two episodes represent an opportunity to launch the chindogu challenge, running to May 7 this year, to make digital life simpler.

Internet users are invited to create their own digital chindogu, film or photograph it, then post their production on Orange Innovation TV or send it in to They will be able to follow all the ideas hatching throughout the competition as events unfold on

In May, a jury chaired by Jean-Philippe Vanot, the Orange executive vice president of innovation and marketing, along with representatives from the blog, fashion and audiovisual worlds, will meet to select the five winners.