Phone apps to dominate retail in 2011

More customers than ever will be tuning into the world of retail-based phone apps in 2011, as innovations such as the iPad and iPhone enable retailers to increase their engagement with customers, claimed internet marketing experts at Gillissa.

Statistics released earlier this year by Neilson revealed that from a sample base of 4,000, 29% of apps downloaded were related to retail/shopping. More recently, a sample of 1,000 UK consumers conducted by OpenCloud revealed that only 39% of those who can downloads apps, regularly do so, suggesting that many more consumers have yet to explore that area.

As the demand for apps continues to grow, founder of Gillissa, Richard Wood, said retailers will continue to turn their attention toward phone-based communications as way of engaging with customers and building brand loyalty in 2011.

“Phone apps have now allowed major retailers to offer loyalty or discount applications as well as increasing the ease of compiling online shopping lists by scanning products from the comfort of your own home.

“Similarly, the stress of shopping is being removed by innovations such as Blue Dot technology, which allows customers to check the availability of individual products in nearby locations through a Google shopping search whilst on the move. This is utilised through the GPS signal on the iPhone, Palm Pixi or Android-enabled mobile phone, and will tell you the nearest shop to have the product in stock,” explains Richard.