Red Bend surpasses 1bn mobile software management shipments

Red Bend Software, provider of mobile software management products, today announced it has surpassed one billion software shipments.

The first Red Bend-Enabled mobile device, the Siemens Mobile S65 phone, shipped in the fourth quarter of 2005. In just five years, Red Bend’s vRapid Mobile, vDirect Mobile and VLX software products have been adopted in 730 different device models that have shipped more than one billion units from market makers including Samsung, LG, ZTE, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Sharp, Kyocera, Lenovo and ST-Ericsson.

“With this achievement, Red Bend becomes one of the few software companies to reach ubiquity in the mobile industry,” said Andreas Constantinou, research director at VisionMobile.

According to the VisionMobile 100 Million Club report for the second half of 2010, issued on 4 April 2011, Red Bend is one of only five companies in the mobile industry to surpass one billion total embedded software shipments.

“Companies only reach this level of success by creating innovative solutions that prove invaluable to both device manufacturers and network operators,” Constantinou said. “By shipping its software in more than one billion devices, Red Bend has demonstrated both the value of its technology and its trusted position within the mobile industry.”

Red Bend surpassed the one billion mark (1,004,000,000) as its software shipped in 89 million mobile devices in Q4 2010. Shipments were up 48% from fourth quarter 2009, outpacing overall mobile phone shipments, which rose 18% year over year, according to IDC.