Sales Growing at Tollring


Simon Whatley, Sales Director of Tollring says that following the introduction of his low cost Call Recorder the growth in sales we have seen in the stand alone and extension integrated versions has been extraordinary.

“Low cost does not mean de-featured, it just means affordable in a market where call recording is still perceived as being expensive. With the changes in legislation the need for call recording for the sake of compliance is growing fast. At £3,000 RRP for 30 channels of ISDN30 including 12 months support, our reseller channel has the ability to gain access to fully-featured call recording which suits all sizes of business with healthy margins.

The Tollring Call Recorder is not only extremely competitively priced, it also offers all of the features that customers expect and need. With the flexibility to record analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP trunks and the expandability to scale to hundreds of trunks, the product sits comfortably in the low, mid, and high end of the market. To date the largest deployment has 400+ ISDN30 trunks and is growing.

With a user-friendly dashboard and web front end, current calls can be viewed in real time and historical call recordings can be searched for by incoming CLI or by the DDI called. It also includes the option to ‘score’ calls using the Agent Evaluation module, giving managers the ability to mark a recorded call against a set of pre-determined questions and then give an overall score at the end, all managed via the Call Recorder’s dashboard.

Integration to the telephone system, to give extension matching, offers additional revenue opportunity as does providing a turn-key solution.

PCI compliance is a hot topic at the moment and is not likely to go away, so the ability to support this need is vital. From the simplest advice to ensure the recordings are secure (encrypted) and the application is password protected to manual DTMF methods to fully automated intervention to stop/start/pause the recordings our products comply. In addition to this the new FSA directives on mobile recording offer new opportunities, some of which can utilise the existing telephone system as a mobex. This enables system add-ons to existing installations and the increase in call traffic from the customer site. Full compliance without reading between the lines is expensive but look a bit deeper and you would be surprised how easy it is to comply.”