Save loads by switching kit off at Crimbo

Power Efficiency, an energy procurement and carbon strategy consultancy, has called on British businesses to switch off all but essential equipment over the Christmas period to significantly lower their energy costs and unnecessary carbon output between Christmas Eve and 4 January 2010.

Power Efficiency predicts that companies could see up to a 75% reduction in their energy costs over this 11 day period by looking at all energy consuming devices and asking whether they will be used. Desktop computers, heating, air conditioning, lighting and machinery are all areas where companies should be looking to mobilise their workforce to switch off and save.

For example, a 10,000 square metre, fully air conditioned office building, running on only essential equipment for the 11 days could expect to see an estimated saving of £5,500 on its energy bills.

John Field, carbon director at Power Efficiency said: “It is surprising to think that we leave all this non-essential equipment on over the Christmas period when offices and manufacturing plants are empty. It really is the equivalent of burning a pile of cash in the office car park, but gives off a lot more carbon.

“From next year when the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is live, taking this kind of action will have a direct impact on a company’s performance in the league tables.”