Sony Ericsson announces new GreenHeart portfolio strategy

Sony Ericsson has unveiled goals for reducing CO² emissions across the whole company by 20% by 2015 in absolute terms. At the same time the company committed to reducing the total greenhouse gas emissions by 15% from the full life cycle of its products, including from mining and production, through the use by consumers to end of life management, by 2015.

A key pillar of these commitments is the introduction of Sony Ericsson’s new GreenHeart pioneer products which launch with two flagship phones, the C901 GreenHeart and Naite, and the MH300 headset, one of the greenest on the market according to Sony Ericsson.

Green innovations showcased in the new GreenHeart pioneer phones will migrate into the wider portfolio enabling the company to continually reduce the environmental impact of its entire portfolio, to become a benchmark for the industry.

Both the C901 GreenHeart and Naite build on Sony Ericsson’s industry leading ‘greenest core’, the result of a long standing commitment to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals from its phones. Additional ‘green’ features include an e-manual that reduces paper usage by over 90%, smaller packaging that decreases transport related CO² emissions by over 80%, recycled plastics and a low power charger. Thanks to these innovations, the overall CO² footprint of the GreenHeart products is reduced by 15%.