VegaStream Announces New ADSL Gateways


VegaStream has announced that their new VoIP gateways with integrated ADSL modems will be shipping into the UK on the 1st January 2010. The company says the new products have been eagerly anticipated by the market as they reduce the cost of VoIP deployments and greatly simplify the installation.

“I am very excited by these new products’ commented Steve Davis, VP Sales and Marketing at VegaStream. ‘We have been testing them extensively with a number of customers with some excellent results. The new ADSL gateways come complete with firewall, 3 LAN ports, support for up to 8 on-board voice calls and up to 120 IP-phone connections.

The single box deployment reduces ownership, maintenance and deployment costs. I am convinced we are going to have a fantastic 2010 as a direct result of their introduction. Our new factory in India is working 24/7 to keep up with demand and we continue to win some great business.”

The new products are based on the award winning Europa FXS and BRI platforms. The Vega 400 will also be available with both ADSL and SDSL options in 2010.

VegaStream plan a number of technical workshops in January and February to provide training on these new products and to share their technology and product plans with their channel partners.