Vodafone launches standard global performance guarantees

Vodafone Global Enterprise, the division of Vodafone that manages the communications needs of the largest multinational companies worldwide, is launching a standard global service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee performance levels across the globe.

As the economic downturn makes multinational enterprises even more reliant on effective communications, the global SLA is designed to give managers greater transparency and predictability.

The SLA will give customers globally consistent and guaranteed performance levels for a range of key communications services including device delivery and incident response, as well as access to reports on network performance and spend management trends across diverse markets.

The first standardised SLA in the mobile industry to cover a multiple country footprint, the initial rollout will include 15 countries, covering 80% of customers’ connections with further expansion determined by demand.

The standard offering, available free of charge for Vodafone’s Global Enterprise customers, includes: Committed dispatch times for SIM cards and mobile devices; Fault/incident response commitments; Guaranteed handset repair times; Monthly SLA performance reporting
Monthly network performance reporting for voice and data; Proactive notifications of major incidents; Access to a basic version of Vodafone Spend Manager for cost interrogation and control.

The importance of effectively managing corporate communications to an agreed standard on a global scale has never been more critical for multinationals, said Vodafone. The recession is obliging companies to reduce travel costs through deploying more innovative communication solutions. At the same time, modern workforces are becoming less office based, meaning that employees expect to be able to work whenever and wherever they want, the company claimed.

Nick Jeffery, director of Vodafone Global Enterprise, commented: “Recessionary times are a strong catalyst for multinational corporates to take action and reinvent the way they buy and use communications services. To get the most from their global scale and to simplify their operations, multinational corporates are placing more of their communications services in our hands. The launch of global SLAs recognises the importance of these customers and our commitment to meeting their needs for greater transparency, consistency and predictability.”