Voiceflex Launch 03 Number Range

Network services company Voiceflex have launched an 03 number service but say there is confusion in the market place.

Sales Director Paul Taylor comments, “Ofcom introduced UK-wide 03 numbers as an alternative to chargeable 08 numbers but there exists a lack of understanding for the purpose of creating a new 03 range. For example, there are two 03 ranges one for normal use and the other is for use by the UK gov-ernment and charities.

These new numbers allow organisations to have a single national point of contact without consum¬ers having to pay extra to call them.”

Taylor adds the following advice:

What will the caller pay? The same price as a National call any one calling a 03 range from the Voiceflex platform will pay 1p per minute per call

What will the caller dialing from a mobile pay? – The same cost as dialing a 01 or 02 range on most packages they are inclusive as opposed to dial¬ing a 08 ranges, which is around 15p per minute upwards.

Taylor puts the fact that 03 numbers are not selling well down to three reasons:

1. A lack of understanding about what the range is for

2. No revenue share

3. Cost of providing the numbers