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Channel in… Public Sector

In the first feature in the Vertical Horizon series we are taking a look at the Public Sector market and how it has been impacted by trends like Digit

“…call recording needs to be user based rather than device based – David Dadds, VanillaIP

Call Recording Faces GDPR, MiFID II and AI Challenges

Today call recording is used just about everywhere. Driven to a large extent by compliance and now set for a greater degree of scrutiny by security re


SD-WAN: The Networks of the Future?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) based solutions are starting to appear frequently in the market from vendors keen to capitalise on the increased fle

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The cheers ring out as Avaya takes to the stock market

Avaya’s Grit Pays Off

Last month saw a momentous occasion in the world of comms as Avaya not only emerged triumphantly from Chapter 11 but also re-listed themselves on the

Will Morey, Director at Pragma

Digital Sales

The trouble with digital transformation is that it is everywhere. The term is so broad it can mean anything from deploying an app to adding a portal,

Paul Barnett

Software Rules OK

Upon walking into ICUK’s office in Croydon I was overcome with a sense of calm, no-one was on the phone, no one was crying in the corner because of a

Chris Berry, Managing Director, Liquid Voice

Aggressive Strategies

After stepping into the CEO position at Liquid Voice in the middle of last year Chris Berry has been on a mission to provide value to partners in new

wholesale distribution

Distributors Achieving Value-Added Positions with DX?

In the fast-moving ICT market distributors are not immune from the pressures of aligning their business to meet the challenges posed by Digital Transf


The Wow Factor

At the end of last year Zen took the opportunity at their annual partner day to address technology changes in the market and ask their partners for fe

Here East Tech Hub

Differentiation Success

Comms Business Magazine Talks to Anthony Impey, Founder and CEO of London based connectivity and services firm Optimity about his business and where h

web portal UC Cloud Mobile

Just the Ticket!

A typical portal needs to that enables users—whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, or partners—to perform high-value transactions, from si

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racing sport digital background illustration

CASE STUDY: Network Performance in Pole Position

When it comes to elite motorsport, performance and reliability are critical and every split-second counts on the track. The same is true when it comes

Touch screen computer device

Wi-Fi is Getting Smarter

One of the most significant benefits of the Social Wi-Fi solution is the ability of customers to log on to the Wi-Fi using their existing social media


WebRTC Disruption

WebRTC is not a new concept to the world, collectively as a market we have been speaking about it for over five years now. However, it hasn’t really t


Keeping Service Consistent

With Customer Service Excellence (CX) being touted as the new sales and marketing department and any business wanting to be taken seriously needing to


Take Me to the Cauliflower

Comms Business Magazine attended reseller Ramsac’s customer GDPR seminar in Surrey last month and met with Managing Director Robert May to find out ho


SME Procurement is Dead

Compared to the brave new world of cloud-based services and pay-as-you-go charging, the old ways of selecting and procuring business technology appear



Comms Business Magazine talks to Highlight, a company that has been lighting up the channel with a number of high profile signings for their cloud bas

Elsa Chen Greg Mesch

Full Fibre Vision

CityFibre’s most recent land grab mission saw them take over the well-established Entanet. On the day the deal concluded, David Dungay caught up with


Seize the Security Opportunity

Unbelievably in this era of converged complexity and high-profile attacks, security is often an afterthought and seen as the responsibility of an incu